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Mission critical applications need to be located in a facility capable of withstanding any single event. This requires redundant systems and multiple distribution paths simultaneously servicing critical systems.  The most stringent level of redundancy is a Tier IV data center, which is all we offer. There are very few Tier IV data centers in the world.

Our Specifications include: We even offer data center migration services using our proprietary data center migration methodology. Let us move your systems for you. Most times it’s free!

cloud services


If you have checked your email online you have used the cloud. So why not provision other services over the internet? Use the Cloud to turn on and off IT resources at will, real time.

Unburden yourself the risk of trying new software. Try it before you buy it on the Cloud. Say goodbye to hardware headaches, software upgrades, and expensive capital investments. Use the Cloud. You won’t regret it.

We offer public and private Cloud services to meet your exact needs.

managed services

Managed Services

We can provide as much or as little support as you need to allow you to concentrate on other things.
Services include but are not limited to:

Private Line Connectivity

Private Line Connectivity

We can provide private connections for unparalleled security for mission critical applications.
Features and benefits include:

Consulting services

Consulting and Other Services


Most every client at Tier 5 will tell you the same thing. Even if it is not a billable service we want to help. We want to be a trusted sounding board for our clients. As such, you’d be surprised at our range of expertise and our willingness to help.

Moving Services

We have moved enough systems were we have developed our own proprietary method of doing it. In essence, a data center migration can be divided into four logical steps: Network Discovery & Documentation, Project Planning, Execution, and Post-Move wrap up. Using this simple formula we have developed a proprietary methodology for seamlessly moving IT infrastructure. We have moved as many as 30 cabinets in a single weekend without a hitch. In most cases, we are happy to absorb this cost for new colocation clients!


We provide cable infrastructure design, installation and termination. Our team is highly experienced in managing installation projects of fiber optics as well as Cat5, Cat6 and Plenum cable.